Many children in need are helped by charitable contributions. People who cannot make large contributions or travel to foreign countries to help others in need, may be looking for ways that their small contributions can make a difference. In case you don’t know, Hope for kids without hope was founded on the principals of helping children needs worldwide

When you are a kid without hope, you don’t know what awaits you for tomorrow. You don’t have the possibility to live right, you don’t go to school, you don’t have food, you live on street, you don’t have family or parents, you don’t have clothes, your life depends on what people have to give you. Your country has a war going on, your are raped when you were 11 year … You live day by day wondering if there will be a tomorrow. That is why we are planning to organize events to help to create a sewing machine centrum for young mother( children) and street children.

Hope for kids without hope is a charity organization for children in need in the world and more in Démocratic republic of Congo. Our mission is to motivate people to help children in need. We believe that every child deserves happiness. Together, we can change a life situation of a child, And together we are stronger.

Our mission is to support and improve the protection and care of children and young people who live with a combination of insecurity, poverty..

Hfkwh is for all children in the world. We want to help street children, seek children, disabled children, war children, …etc and we don’t have all possibility now, but we are fighting for that. We hope you can help us to do that work.

foundation is depending on donors, donations, and volunteers.