and improve their lives. We will start with teaching them the importance of work and a give them a chance to be self-employed. Every girl will get a mission to learn how to make or creat products together. The girls will also learn about marketing to help them in their future. It is important for them to know how to sell these products and how they could benefit from the products. We need more support to accomplish these mission. Therefore, we welcome every help.

The choice of The products depend on what we will collecting money.


1. You can choose one girl and help, to give her a chance.

2. We will make an account where you will collect money with your friends and families.

3. You are able to get in contact with the girl if you want to get to know her better

4. We support her with your collected money

5. If you want, we will give you the results on what happens next

6. We will thank you greatly for helping her/them – You can also sponsor this project.

We are asking for all kind of support to make this project come true.

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