One day Christmas, One day éducation for every child

We know “it should be Christmas everyday for a child” that is why every year we do what is within our possibilities to organize every year activities for children during the Christmas days with the raison that they will have something to learn and to receive as present. We think dat every child deserves a chance to be educated.

Every learning day should be treasured and should maintain a good memory for a child. That is good for kid’s grow and their éducation. We thank everyone helping in this event. Every helping hand is welcome.

Liliane Mayela:

I will like to thank everyone helping us to accomplish our mission of helping the children and doing what is within our possibilities. The true is together we are stronger by helping children to have a better future.

We hope that each learning day this year should maintain a good memory for the children.

Everything we do, we do it with love and compassion to help children. And we will always do what we can to help even if it’s just for some children. Because they are many children everywhere in need. We do what we can.

Thank you for voluntering,

Thank for helping,

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