It doesn’t matter hoe much you give to help. We do what we can to help. Even if it’s just for few children. By posting this photo, maybe you will see the opportunity to help as wel. Every helping hand is a blessing to many children. We are now helping more than 300 children with school supplies. Is true that

Giving to others increases your capacity for love. It makes you realize that even if you don’t have much, you have enough to share with others. Donating used clothes to a shelter, new shoes to foster kids, or money to a worthy organization will make you feel rich.
Be part of something bigger

Donating a little bit of money or time may not seem like much. But if your donation is joined with others, it becomes something much bigger.

you can see how your small donation really does make a big difference.

Join us

A lot of this money is raised through donations. You probably know people who run or bike a race to support a cause close to them. If you feel passionate about a cause like this, join a race or donate money or time.

Set an example

If you have children, donating to charity will show them you care about others and want to make the world a better place. If you involve your children in helping children, you will instill a desire to share and serve that will last throughout their lives. Grandchildren, nieces and nephews can also be influenced by your generosity towards others.

Please donate to help children in DRCongo.

Thank you.