What we do to help children and school 

Hope for kids without hope is a charity organization for children in need in the world and more in Démocratic republic of Congo. Our mission is to motivate people to help children in need. We believe that every child deserves happiness. Together, we can change a life situation of a child, And together we are stronger.

Our mission is to support and improve life young people who live with a  combination of insecurity, poverty..

 Hfkwh is for all children in the world. We help street  children, seek children, disabled children, war  children, …etc and we don’t have all possibility now,  but we are fighting for that. We hope you can help us  to do this work.

All children everywhere deserve a quality education which is one of their fundamental human rights. The ability to read and write; laying a foundation for a future without poverty , hunger or diseases. Our future and the success of future generations depend on this. School furniture presents a particularly burdensome problem for many children and families every year. A good education of children and youth is a guarantee of peace and development. It allows to integrate children in the community and youth to take charge of their destiny.

Sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference. With just a small donation you can help one child have a better future.