Why supporting and helping children in Hfkwh Foundation 


We wanted to give hope to this children. If you can help this school please contact us on info@hopeforkidswithouthope.org or go to 



By supporting those children, you make a profound difference in children’s lives. Because we run a lean, efficient and highly effective organization, your support does exactly what you expect it to do: help kids improve their lives through education. We provides food and clothes for children. We deeply appreciate every generosity.

We are helping girls to get education with our projet “Girls sewing education”


Poverty is a pressing problem, in countries where a third of all citizens do not always know where their next meal will come from. A recent UN study found that even a minimally healthy diet was beyond the reach of the majority of DR of Congo; in some provinces, only one in five could afford regular balanced meals.

+1.6 million Orphans in DR Congo, the highest per capita in the world
+68% of rural and 32% of urban orphans in DR Congo are not enrolled in school
+In Kinshasa, 75,000 children are living on the street
+Nearly two-thirds (63%) of People in DR Congo receive less than $1 dollar a day
+Every 60 seconds, 14 children die of hunger related causes
+Each day, 6,500 people die in Africa from preventable diseases
+This is where the poorest of the poor live
+And they were meant to live also


Voluntering at Hfkwh Foundation projects to help children have one day food

For just $.10, you can save a life! In DR Congo. your pocket change goes a long way. It can provide the basic needs for one child such as food, clothing, medical assistance, books, school uniforms, and more importantly a quality education which can lift them from poverty. Just imagine if you gathered your friends and family members together, you could literally save an entire community. It can be done. Together we can make it happen. We truly hope that you can care for 1 child. Through your sponsorship, 2 lives will be changed: yours and that of the child. Now you can finally be the change that you always wanted to see in the world! HFKWH Foundation is a project of Charitable Programs, a registered a public charity. All funds raised by HFKWH are received by Children in need and for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the HFKWH Project.

We deeply appreciate your generosity.

Is this donation in honor, celebration, or memory of someone? let us know by mail. Info@hopeforkidswithouthope.org