Supervision of children improving theliving condition of affected children

Serge libanza works as volunteers for his free time for Hope for kids without hope foundation (HFKWH) to help the children in need 

“working for Hope for kids without hope foundation is a great experience for me . You get to make kids happy and parents.”

Worked to help children and provided them with all the service they needed to stay healthy and also provided optimale education services. A lot of regulations to follow,  but it keeps you on your toes.


One billion children in the world are deprived of at least one basic necessity of life,  such as food, clean water, shelder or healthcare. That means that instead of running, laughing and playing with friends, these children spend their formative years struggling to survive. To be a volunteer is very important to children in need and to yourself. (Children voice) 

– Voluntering can be a personally rewarding and helps you to give back something to your community 

– Voluntering gives you a great feeling, because you know you are making a difference 

– Voluntering is spending some of your free time helping other.