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In DR Congo, poverty pushes thousands of children on to the streets of Kinshasa

“Children are sacred. People must understand that even if they are poor they can’t throw them out like garbage

An estimated 30,000 children under the age of 18 live on the country’s streets, with the majority in the capital, Kinshasa. An ever increasing number are girls – many of them work as prostitutes and some are just 10 years old.

“In villages, families are poor but live off the fruits of their fields, whereas people in the urban areas depend on money for survival. Many parents just do not have enough to feed all the mouths under their roof,” explains Mr. Kasese. “Even though children are considered as a treasure by Congolese society, in a context of poverty they become a nuisance

“Some people consider these youngsters as trouble for the public order, but they are just children who need someone to talk to,” says Kape Benda-Benda, who heads one of the five mobile teams that travel around Kinshasa every evening. “We work to sensitize the children on the actual value of their lives and the communities on their responsibility to take care of them.” “We have a shared responsibility to protect all children, and in particular those who are the most vulnerable,” she says. “If the community, the Government and its partners work hand in hand we can actually provide these youngste with a bright future.
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Hope for kids without hope foundation project:

foundation is committed to helping children by hosting events and projects.
This new education project is to help young girls of D.R.Congo to learn sewing. The goal of this project is to train the girls to be self-employed. All money raised will help them to get the sewing education they need.
Your contribution to this projet will be highly appreciated. Every gift and support is needed, it will help provide opportunities and a better future for the children in need.
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