If you are interested in helping street and homeless children, you can volunteer to work in Hope for kids without hope programs, or donate funds or supplies to our organization that to help street youth. You can also participate in our actions and assist street children. Finally, you can raise awareness of this issue by educating yourself, your peers, colleagues, students, teachers, family members, and others around you interested in this issue.

Due to DR Congo Hope for kids without hope foundation to work out any operating budget has difficult to have access on media, to have camera for pictures under the interview with the oppressed, vulnerable children which deserve our missions’ interventions, is the reason to share with you all on the critical situation of some children in DR Congo a post conflict country. We meet with many girls and boys who do not study, and sometime with those who study but unable to complete their studies for school fees matters and poverty in their respective families. Many of them sell water, sexe business, domestic works, exploitation labor for their survival and their families than to study!

Is in that perspective that, the management of Hope for kids without hope foundation request for your sponsorship and community credit…for them. This is emergency. We plan to cover the school fees of 500 girls and boys around the DR Congo 2014 – 2015 2015 – 2016 academic year.

Those who or which will to join us or to help those girls can like this or contact us by email: info@hopeforkidswithouthope.org


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